Big Kids Scissors (6")

Item #: 194640-1001

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The perfect step up for older kids working on more advanced projects, these scissors feature larger finger loops and longer blades than our Kids Scissors.

Our Big Kids Scissors take the basic design of our teacher-recommended Kids Scissors and enlarge them for kids that are a little bit older and working on slightly more advanced projects. They include stainless-steel blades designed for frustration-free cutting of all classroom materials, a larger fingers loop and an ergonomic thumb loop to provide comfort and control, and antimicrobial handle protection that inhibits bacterial odors and helps prevent product deterioration. They even include the same shiny, smooth, bright-colored handles specifically requested by kids — the same as our Kids Scissors — so older children feel comfortable transitioning to the slightly larger design.

    • Ideal for kids ages eight and up
    • #1 teacher recommended brand
    • Longer blades and larger handle loops are perfect for older kids working on more advanced classroom projects
    • Stainless-steel blades cut all classroom materials for frustration-free projects
    • Expanded fingers loop and ergonomic thumb loop provide the natural, comfortable fit kids are used to from our Kids Scissors
    • Smooth, shiny, bright-colored handle was specifically requested by kids
    • Antimicrobial handle protection inhibits the growth of bacterial odors and helps prevent product deterioration
    • Accommodates right- and left-handed users
    • Available in a range of colors
    • Length: 6"
    • Lifetime warranty
  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

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