Fashion Pinking Shears 8

Fashion Pinking Shears (8")

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Keep your projects from unraveling at the seams with our colorful Pinking Shears.

These Pinking Shears cut a zigzag edge that helps prevent fraying, just like our standard Pinking Shears, and a range of colorful handle choices make it easy to find Pinking Shears just your style. High-grade, stainless-steel blades feature a precision-ground edge that stays sharp longer and cuts all the way to the tip — essential for anyone who cuts fabric. An ergonomically sculpted handle provide unmatched cutting control, and a bent handle design keeps materials flat for precise cuts every time.


  • Ideal for cutting a zigzag pattern along a fabric edge to limit the length of frayed threads, preventing unraveling and keeping projects crisp and clean
  • Extended lower blade helps lift fabric for precise cuts
  • High-grade, precision-ground, stainless-steel blades offer a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip
  • Ergonomic handle is sculpted to fit your hand, maximizing cutting control and sensitivity
  • Larger handle loops fit hands of all sizes
  • Bent handle design keeps material flat for mistake-free cutting
  • Available in assorted colors to match your personal style
  • Length: 8"
  • Lifetime warranty


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Fashion Pinking Shears 8

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