Fall Skirt Project

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Fall Skirt Project

Casual skirts with tall boots and sweaters are my fall uniform.

I fell in love with this Joel Dewberry Fabric and decided to sew a simple fall skirt to add to my wardrobe. Here’s a confession – I don’t normally sew clothes! I decided to put a Simplicity 2-hour pattern to the test. Up for the challenge?


I chose a bold print, but decided not to worry about matching patterns. I set the timer, and started pinning pattern pieces. This pattern only called for 3 pattern elements, cutting through 2 layers of fabric – so a total of 6 pieces. I prefer to use Fiskars Easy Action™ scissors. I like that they cut precisely, and are easy on my hands.


I carefully followed the pattern instructions, and only messed up one seam! Let’s just say that I’m thankful for that seam ripper in the Sew Taxi.

I finished the skirt in about two and ½ hours – more than the pattern promised, but less than I expected. I was being super careful about reading instructions, so I think that added additional time.

A few tips for sewing a skirt:

*Be sure to prewash your fabric. If you wait until after the garment is sewn, you may find that minor shrinkage stressed your seams.

*Pattern sizing can be a bit misleading – it’s best to use measurements rather than simple sizing.

*Ironing seams as you go along not only looks prettier, it also helps you to create straight seams.


Enjoy sprucing up your fall wardrobe!