Playful Holiday Skirt

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Playful Holiday Skirt

When I happened upon a bolt of pre-elasticated skirt fabric in my local fabric store, I snapped it up immediately.

I knew that teaming it with a brighter-than-bright lining fabric, it would make a perfectly playful and fun skirt for the upcoming holidays with the added bonus of being extremely quick to sew up – leaving me with plenty of time to get all the other jobs that come along with the season done, too!

Skirt fabric

I have given this skirt a slight puff ball hem which adds a little something to any special occasion.

I purchased one yard of the pre-elasticated waist fabric which was more than enough for one skirt. You could even measure the fabric around your waist right there in the store so that you only pay for just the right amount. The fabric needs to fit snugly and comfortably around your waist.

After cutting the fabric to the correct size, pin the fabric together and sew the side seam closed.

side seams

Trim the skirt (if necessary) to the desired hem length PLUS 2”.

Measure the length of your skirt, subtract 1.5” and record it. This will be the length of your lining.

Stretch out the bottom edge of the skirt as wide as it will go, double the measurement and record it. This will be the width of your lining.

Cut your lining to size.

Cutting your lining

Sew the skirt lining together at the side seams.

With the skirt right-sides out and the lining inside out, insert the skirt into the lining with the bottom (hem) edges of both skirts lined up. Pin and sew the two skirts together along the hem edge.

hem edge

Pull the lining down, away from the outer skirt piece and understitch the seam allowance to the lining.

under stitch

Tuck the lining up into the outer skirt so that wrong sides are now facing each other.

Turn the skirt inside out so that the lining is facing you. Fold over the top raw edge of the lining ½” and pin with 4 evenly spaced pins around the bottom edge of the waistband.

top edge

Sew the top edge of the lining to the top of the outer skirt along the bottom edge of the elastic and pulling the elastic taut between the pins. Once complete, the elastic will spring back into position and you’ll have a perfectly lined holiday skirt in no time.

skirt close up

Supply List

Pre-elasticated skirt fabric

Lining fabric



Sewing machine