Father and Son Aprons for Father’s Day

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Father and son aprons

Matching father and son aprons are beyond cute and are easy to make. Sew up a set for the men - big and small - in your life!

1. For the father’s apron cut one piece of fabric 33” x 28” and fold in half lengthwise.

For the son’s apron, cut one piece of fabric 22” x 9” and fold in half lengthwise.


Rotary cutter and ruler


2. For the father’s apron, measure 5” away from the fold line along one short end and 9” along the adjacent long end. Mark with fabric marker or tailor’s chalk.

For the son’s apron mark at 4” along the short end and at 7” along the adjacent long end.

3. Match up the two markings and draw a diagonal line with your chalk.


Marking diagonal line


4. Cut along this line with your rotary cutter and ruler.


Cutting fabric


5. Fold the raw edges all the way around the apron over by ½” and press with an iron. Fold over again by another ½”, concealing the raw edges, pin and stitch all the way around the entire apron.


Pinning raw edges


6. Create the pocket. For the father’s apron, cut two piece of fabric 13” x 8”.

For the son’s apron, cut two pieces of fabric 10” x 7”.


Cutting pocket fabric


7. Sew the cut pocket fabric pieces together with right sides facing, leaving a 5” turning hole unstitched. Clip the corners and turn right sides out through the hole you left, pushing out the corners. Press with a hot iron and top stitch along the top edge only.

8. Center the pocket on the front of the apron and stitch along the sides and bottom edge, closing the turning hole as you go. Stitch through the center of the pocket to create a divided pocket, if desired.


sewing pocket to apron front


9. I chose to add some metal loops for conveniently attaching a hand towel or bbq tool. Slip webbing through the metal loop and tuck the end of the webbing under the edge of the pocket before sewing, then sew through all layers.


Attaching pocket and metal loop


10. You can either sew webbing to the top and sides of the apron to create the ties, or you can add grommets like I did. I simply inserted the grommets and threaded the webbing through and tying in a knot to secure. If you’re using a nylon webbing, briefly run the ends over a flame to prevent fraying.


Insert grommets


Supply List

2 yards of durable fabric (I used denim)

Co-ordinating cotton fabric for the pockets

Grommets and grommet setter

3 yards webbing

Sewing machine



Metal loops (optional)