Beach Bag and Towel in One

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Finished beach bag

This simple beach bag and towel in one is just the thing you need to carry one or two beach essentials this summer. And it’s so easy to make!

Here’s how:


1. Fold your towel lengthwise in thirds. 


Fold in thirds


2. Fold each short end in towards the center.


Fold short ends towards center


3. Fold in half once more, bringing one half over the top of the other.


Folded towel


4. To create the handles, cut 1 yard of cotton webbing and fold in half. Pin 3” of each end to the folded towel, pinning through one layer on the towel only.


Pinning webbing


Fold the end of the webbing under by 1” to conceal the raw edge. Sew the webbing to the towel.




5. Turn the towel over and repeat the same process with the webbing on this second side.


Sewing webbing


6. Open up the towel and sew Velcro strips to the inner sides of the folded bag.


Velcro strips


7. To use your towel, pull apart the velcro and open out the towel. To close back into a bag, repeat steps 1-3. Your bag will not be completely seal along the folded edges, but it will be helpful enough to carry a sun hat, swimsuit and water bottle to the beach. And don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Supply List

Beach towel suitable for re-purposing

Cotton webbing




Sewing machine