Tote Bag With Quilting Front

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Quilt Tote Bag

I love making tote bags. They're easy to sew, and are always handy to have around.

This hardworking canvas bag gets a facelift in the form of a brightly colored quilted front. I've sized this to make a book bag for a small child - pair it with a favorite book and you've got a perfect gift for a little one. You could also easily increase the dimensions if you'd like a larger bag.


1. Gather a variety of small scraps of fabric in coordinating colors.

2. Start by using your Comfort Grip Rotary Trimmer to cut out the central panel for your quilt square. Mine measures 4.5x4in.


3. Use your Rotary Trimmer and Acrylic ruler to trim your fabric into strips measuring 1in, 1.5in and 2in wide.

4. You'll be assembling the strips based on a log cabin pattern. Start on one side of your central panel, attach a strip of fabric. Work around the square, trimming the excess from each strip. I've stitched some shorter strips together before adding them to the square for variety.

5. Using your Basic Alpha Stamps and a block from your Stamp Block set, stamp the words " my books" on one of the strips of fabric.


6. Apply iron on interfacing to a small scrap of fabric. Print out a monogram letter and use it as a guide to cut your fabric using your Comfort Grip MicroTip Scissors.

7. Iron the monogram to the center panel of your quilt square.


8. Once your quilt square is finished, add strips of the unbleached canvas to make the panel 13x12in.

9. Use your Comfort Grip Trimmer to trim a piece of flannel to 13x12in.


10. Pin your quilt square to the flannel. Stitch around the monogram, and then stitch a border around each square.

11. Use your Comfort Grip Trimmer to trim a second piece of unbleached canvas to 13x12in.

12. Fold the top edge of each piece over 1/2in and stitch into place.

13. Lay your quilted bag front and the plain bag back right sides together and stitch around three sides.

14. Square the bottom of your bag.

15. Cut a piece of fabric that measures 4inx32in. Fold in half, right sides in, and stitch along the open side.

16. Flip the fabric right side out and press flat. Stitch several rows down the length of the fabric.

17. Attach one end of the strip to the side of your bag. I attached the second side of the strap with 6in hanging inside of the bag, so I can adjust it as my son grows

Supply List

Unbleached cotton canvas (1/2 yard)

Cream flannel (13inx12in)

Various small pieces of coordinating fabric

Small piece of iron-on interfacing