Yoga Mat Carrier

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Finished Yoga Mat

Starting a yoga practice? Sew this simple carrier to tote your mat in style!

One of my favorite aspects of yoga is its simplicity. No fancy equipment is needed – all that you really need is a yoga mat. Since my mat is regularly tossed in the car, and carried with me on errands before/after class, I wanted a more stylish way to tote it around. I pondered a full bag, but decided that I wanted something even more minimalistic, so I created this yoga mat carrier. I think it’s great that I can wrap it around my mat, or add in a gym towel, or even a sweatshirt. It’s so versatile!


1. If using two coordinating fabrics, trim each to slightly longer than your yoga mat.

Rolled yoga mat with scissors

2. Trim felt to slightly shorter than the length of your fabric. The dimension really depends on how much of the fabric you’d like to show. Trim edges with Fiskars Pinking sheers, and set aside.

Scissors and fabric

3. Pin fabrics right side to right side.

Pin cushion

4. Machine stitch longest sides, forming a “tube” – iron seams. I used coordinating fabrics for a color-blocked effect, so ironed with the sewn seam in the middle.

5. Slide felt piece between fabric (still right side to right side). Stitch around edges, leaving a small opening to turn fabric.

6. Turn fabric right side out (one side will have felt), and stitch the opening.

7. Iron all seams.

8. To create a strap, I used wide quilting tape. You can choose ribbon, cording, or even sewn fabric straps. Stitch ends together to form a loop.

9. Adhere across outside of mat carrier. I decided that I didn’t want stitching to show on my straps, so I used an iron-on adhesive tape (available at your local fabric store).

10. Adhere small squares of Velcro to the insides of the carrier.

Velcro attached to fabric

11. Wrap around yoga mat, adhere Velcro, and head to class!


Rolled yoga mat in bag

Supply List

1 yard of fabric
½ yard of felt
Wide quilting tape or ribbon
Sewing machine
Iron-on adhesive (optional)
Velcro squares