Cowgirl Halloween Costume

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Cowgirl Halloween Costume

There’s no need to spend a fortune on fancy costumes when it’s so easy to make a fun and unique cowgirl tutu from tulle and bandanas. Yeehaw!

To make the tutu, simply trim a length of 1” wide elastic to comfortably fit around the waist of your little cowgirl and sew the two ends together.

Cowgirl Costume elastic-waistband

Next, take some store bought bandanas, open them up and press them with an iron. I refolded my bandanas with the center of the cloth forming a point. This helps to make them hang nicely from the tutu.

Cowgirl Costume folding bandanas

Sew the tips of the bandanas to the elastic waistband at even intervals. I alternated the colors.

Cowgirl Costume sewing bandanas

Cut lengths of tulle with your shears. Each length should be about 8” wide.

Cowgirl Costume cutting-tulle

Tie the tulle in knots around the elastic. This technique is much quicker than sewing and helps to create a comfortable, tidy waistband.

Cowgirl Costume tie-tulle-to-waistband

Pair the cowgirl skirt with a simple tee and tie a bandana around her neck. Don’t forget the cowboy hat!

Cowgirl Costume skirt-close-up

Supply List

Elastic for waistband
Sewing machine