Children’s Clothing Series: Pajamas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Children’s Clothing Series: Pajamas

Have you noticed that children LOVE new pajamas? These ones are comfy and cozy and so easy to make - so you’ll LOVE them too!

Start by creating the pajama pants from your selected pants pattern. I like to use flannels for the pajamas I make for my children. Not only is it warm and cozy, I think its softness only improves in numerous washings!

Fabric and scissors

I used the Goodnight Sweetheart PJ pattern in the book Sewing For Boys. I recommend it because it has a comfortable, no nonsense elasticated waistband which provide room for growth!

Elasticated waistband

Once you have finished sewing up the pants, the easiest way to make the pajama top is to embellish a store-bought tee. You can buy long-sleeves for the cooler months and short sleeves for the summer. And by adding a simple embellishment you can make the top and bottoms into a cute, matching ensemble.

I started by backing the flannel I used for the pajama pants with some iron-on adhesive. I then used the Bird medium design set and ran the fabric through my Fuse, which cut my fabric bird shapes perfectly. I used contrasting fabrics for the bird wings, so that they would stand out from the design more.

Flannel birds

Following the manufacturer’s directions, I removed the backing paper from the adhesive and ironed the appliqués to the tee. Be sure to read each manufacturer’s directions carefully.

Ironing applique

Though the adhesive I used does not require you to sew the appliqué, I prefer the look of a sewn edge, so I went around the bird shapes with a straight stitch on my machine.

Sewn applique

And that’s it!

Supply List

Pajama pants pattern (I used the Goodnight Sweetheart PJ pattern in the book Sewing For Boys)

Flannel fabric (according to pattern requirements)

Long sleeve tee

Iron-on adhesive (I used Heat’n Bond by Thermoweb)