Children’s Clothing Series: Boy’s Smart Party Shirt

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate


finished shirt

A boy’s ‘handsome’ shirt is a wardrobe essential - even if he doesn’t think so!

I have been making an item of children's clothing every month during 2013 and this month, I used the Prespster Pullover Shirt pattern by Blank Slate Patterns. 

This pattern is available as a download that you print at home. It’s very simple to piece together the pattern pages and tape together before cutting out and laying it on your fabric. This shirt is rated as an ‘intermediate’ level project, but the instructions are clear and well-written, so I encourage you to try it out even if you feel you don’t quite have enough experience. The mandarin collar is a great alternative to a regular shirt collar. Not only is it simpler to sew, it’s also more comfortable to wear.


ProCision Trimmer


I began by cutting out my fabric and assembling the shirt according to the pattern directions.


cutting fabric


There is a pocket sewn to the shirt front and I took the opportunity to add a little scrap of fun fabric to the top edge. I like to personalize my handmade clothes a little, and I know my son will like it!


pocket detail


I sewed my side seams with a flat felled seam, which is a beautiful way to finish this kind of shirt. In order to do the same, begin by sewing the shirt together with wrong sides facing, along the side seam and underarm seam.


pin shirt with wrong sides together


Next, trim one edge of the seam allowance. I trimmed the shirt back edge since I wanted my flat felled seam to lie towards the back.


Trim one edge of seam allowance


Now, fold under the raw edge of the remaining seam allowance over the trimmed edge you just cut. Pin then sew. Press with a hot iron and you will have beautifully finished side seams!


fold remaining seam allowance edge


The pattern allows you the option of short sleeves or long sleeves. I chose to make the long sleeve version because I really like how they can be rolled up and buttoned in place.




To finish, sew the buttons and button holes. There are plenty of buttons on this shirt so it’ll be good practice to help get over your fear of sewing buttonholes, if you have one!


buttons and buttonholes


Remember to always practice on scrap fabric, before sewing buttonholes to your finished garment.


finished shirt


Supply List

Fabric - according to pattern requirements

Prepster Pullover Pattern




Sewing machine