Children’s Clothing Series: Fleece-Lined Camping Pants

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Fleece-lined pants

These fleece lined camping pants are sure to be a hit!

There are a couple of great things about these pants: they are lined with fleece so they are extra thick and warm, they have a comfortable elasticated waist which means they can also double as pajamas on cold nights and the turn-ups provide some necessary growing room that parents of all 8 year old boys need! 

We are family who enjoys camping and for my March New Year’s resolution project, I decided to sew my son a new pair lined pants to keep him warm on our camping trips.

I used the Kickin’ Back Sweats pattern from the book Sewing For Boys by Shelly Figueroa and Karren LePage, though I will show you how to use any regular, elasticated-waist pants pattern to make a pair of lined pants.

I used a light-weight cotton denim for my outer (main) fabric and a thick fleece for the lining, though you could also use flannel, a soft knit or cotton.

Start by cutting out your pattern pieces in your main fabric and cut a second pattern in the lining fabric. Construct two pairs of pants following your particular pattern’s directions. This pattern fits nice and loosely on my son, but for a closer fitting pant you might want to reduce the bulk of the lining by sewing the lining pair of pants together with a slightly larger seam allowance than the outer. For example, if your pattern directions call for a 3/8” seam allowance, sew the outer pants at 3/8” and sew the lining pants at 1/2”. Do not finish the waistband or hems on either pair of pants for now.


two pairs of pants


Insert the lining pants into the main pants with wrong sides facing and pin together along the top raw edge.


Pinning and lining


Finish the raw edges together, either with a serger or by folding over ¼”, pressing and folding over ¼” again. Then fold both fabrics to the inside of the pants to create the casing for the elasticated waist. Pin then stitch, leaving a 3” hole at the center back seam to insert the elastic.


Creating casing


Insert the elastic using a bodkin or safety pin then sew the hole you left, closed. I like to slip in a label before sewing this seam closed. It adds personality and lets the child know which is the front and which is the back!


clothing label


Even up the pant hems on each leg by trimming to the same length if necessary.


Trim hems


Working on one leg at a time, fold both the lining and the main fabric inwards and pin together to create a neatly finished seam that hides all the raw edges inside.


pinning hem


Sew the legs together at the hems. I made mine extra long to use as turn-ups that can be let down as my son grows.


finished hem




Supply List

Fabric for main and lining
Pants pattern with elasticated waist
Sewing machine