Basic Winter Fleece Hat Tutorial

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Fleece Hat Tutorial

This is a fun and practical hat. With ear flaps it will keep the wearer warm on even the windiest day.

1. Print and cut out template as directed below.

Download Winter Fleece Hat Template PDF

Note: The template included is of 2 pieces that when joined create one half of a side panel of the hat. Print out 2 copies of this template, cut out the first 2 pieces and join the first half (top and bottom ear flap), then flip the second cut out copies over and tape these together to create a mirrored shape that can then be taped to the first half. This will give you one entire side panel of the hat. Note that the panel may seem very large, but it will comfortably fit a 22 inch diameter head.


2. With the stretch aspect running from side to side, fold a piece of fleece (gray) in half with an area large enough for the side panel to fit. Place the template onto the fleece, pin in place and cut out the two panels. Repeat this same step again – for a more dynamic look use a different color fleece for this. Set pieces aside.


3. To create the hats’ braided ties, cut 12 – 1 inch by 12 inch pieces of gray felt and 2 – 1 inch by 6 inch pieces of gray felt. Gather 6 strips, pin one end, double up the pieces and braid down the length until a few inches from the end. Tie the end with one of the 6 inch strips to secure. Trim ends at an angle with shears. Machine stitch straight across pinned end several times to secure. Repeat this for the other braid.


4. Pin together 1 gray and 1 blue panel, leaving the v-cut out open. Tuck one of the braided ties into the hat between the layers with the stitched edge hanging out 1.5 – 2 inches. *When this side panel is turned out, the braided tie will hang from the ear flap correctly.

5. Stitch along the edge of this panel from tip to tip – still leaving the v section open and be sure to back stitch a bit at the beginning and end to secure the stitches.

6. Turn out the panel through the v opening, push out edges near the seam from inside and be sure that braided tie is hanging straight and is securely stitched into the side pieces. Again pin along the edge from tip to tip and stitch 1/8 inch from edge. This will give a finished look to the ear flap area later and help keep the side panel laying flat.

7. Next, with the inside of the hat facing out, fold the hat at the top to join the 4 curved edges of the v – pin in place and stitch along the curved line. When complete and turned over, you can see the curve it creates on the gray outer side to conform to the head shape.


8. Repeat Steps 4 – 7 with the other gray and blue fleece pieces to create the other side panel.

9. Place the 2 panels together, gray sides facing. Pin along from forehead to back of the neck.

10. To create the pom-pom, cut a 5 inch by 6 inch piece of gray fleece. Fold in half along the length and make partial cuts (fringe) along the length keeping the folded edge intact. Fold this over a few times, tuck inside the hat with the folded end out at the top of the hat.

11. Stitch from forehead to back of the neck on the pinned side panels – backstitching at both the beginning and end.

12. Turn the hat right side out and trim pom-pom as needed to complete the basic hat.

13. To create the flower embellishment, cut leaves from green fleece with Pinking Fabric Shears, pin and stitch in place with black thread.

14. Using Fiskars Circle Shape Templates, trace and cut a 5 inch circle from blue fleece. Cut out the circle and to cut the circle in a spiral from the outside and around several times to the center.


15. Starting at the center of the spiraled circle, gather and secure stitches to create the flower.

16. Attach flower with black embroidery thread and a small red button to complete the hat.

Supply List

.5 yard of gray fleece and .5 yard of blue fleece; scraps of green fleece for leaves; red button; black embroidery thread