Monogram T-Shirt for Kids

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Monogramed Tee Shirt

Embellishing a plain shirt using a reverse appliqué technique is easy - and your kids will love their personalized outfit!

Print or draw your monogram initial onto some regular paper. Cut strips of your chosen fabric using the 60mm Rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler.  Sew these strips together to make a swatch of fabric larger than the printed monogram.


Supplies laid on cutting mat


Cut out the monogram carefully using a pair of Micro Tip Scissors. Next, iron some batting to the back of the swatch block. Trim the edge using a pair of Soft grip Pinking shears.


cut-out letter


Place your paper monogram onto your T-shirt. Place the fabric swatch beneath, making sure to leave a good inch of seam allowance all around the monogram. Pin all three layers together carefully. Using some embroidery floss stitch around the monogram completely.


Letter cutout pinned onto clothing


Once completely stitched, using a pair of Easy Action Rag Quilt Snip Scissors carefully cut out the T-shirt material that lies inside the monogram. Pull and lift the T-shirt material slightly while cutting making sure not cut the layers beneath.


Stitched monogram on clothing


Embellish the monogram with some buttons and bows.


finished monogramed clothing


Supply List

Fabric, Iron on batting, needle, embroidery floss, buttons and bow.