Winter Games Sports Tee

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Winter Sports Tee

With the Winter Games are just around the corner, why not create a fun winter-sports themed tee using this easy stencil method.

1. Start by trimming a piece of freezer paper to printer paper size (8 ½” x 11”).


2. Using the spray adhesive, adhere the shiny side of the freezer paper to one piece of regular printer paper.


3. Place both sheets in your printer and position so that the printer will print onto the freezer paper.

4. Find a clip art image of your required design with a online search. Keep it simple and unfussy. Print the image on to the freezer paper.

5. Peel the freezer paper away from the printer paper.


6. Using the Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife, cut out your image carefully.


7. Iron the freezer paper stencil to the front of the blank tee shirt. Check that all edges are ironed and adhered.


8. Next, using fabric paints, carefully paint the design using the stencil to guide you. Follow manufacturer’s directions on how to make the paint colorfast.


9. When the paint is completely dry, remove the freezer paper stencil and discard. Don’t be tempted to remove the stencil too soon!


And that’s it!


Supply List

Blank Tee
Fabric Paints and paintbrush
Freezer paper
Iron and ironing board
Spray Adhesive
Computer, printer and printer paper