Fabric Firewood Carrier

Spare your clothes the mess this winter with this handy firewood carrier.

Quilting & Sewing Projects

Are you looking to spruce up the interior of your home or add a pop of color to your ensemble? A sewn piece of décor or a handmade accessory might be just the thing, and our sewing and quilting experts can show you how to make it happen. Our gallery of creative projects includes everything from baby blankets to banners to handbags and more, all of which include step-by-step instructions. They even leave plenty of room for improvisation, so whatever your style, we’ve got something just right for you.

Simple Christmas Throw Pillows

Fabric Christmas Card Display

Handmade Fabric Ornaments

How to Make a Quilted Tree Skirt

Upcycling Clothing into Holiday Stockings

Duck Fabric® Crafting Tape Butterfly Tote

Picnic Quilt

How-to: Quilt

First Full-Sized Quilting Experience

Monogrammed and Hand Stitched Fabric Bookmarks

Easter / Spring Table Décor

DIY Children’s Play Tent