Denim Pocket Banner

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


demin pocket banner

Ripping apart old denim jeans has never been easier and quicker with the new Amplify® RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears by Fiskars!

We all know that the pockets on denim jeans outlast the knees, so the next time your child outgrows their well-worn favorite pair, think about salvaging the back pockets to create your very own, personalized ‘denim pocket banner’.

Use your small Amplify® Sewing Shears to effortlessly and carefully snip away the pockets from the jeans. I used two pairs of well-worn jeans and a denim skirt that belonged to my daughter that she no longer wore. This gave me six back pockets in total but you can of course, make your banner as long as you like. Consider hunting through thrift stores for old jeans. Many jeans have interesting stitching and unusual patterns already sewn.

old jeans

Most of my salvaged pockets were rather plain, so I spruced them up by adding my own embellishments. Express your own style by embellishing your back pockets as much or a little as you like!

removing pocket from jeans

I made a fabric flower using cotton fabric scraps which I sewed to the front of one pocket by hand. I also made a ric rac flower by intertwining two lengths of ric rac then rolling it into a spiral. I used a hot glue gun to keep the flower from unraveling and to adhere it to the front of another pocket.

ric rac flower

I also stitched some wooden buttons to third pocket and some store bought embellishments to another for some added ‘bling’.

wooden buttons

To finish, I cut the word ‘love’ from felt and added a letter to four of my pockets. Once my pocket embellishments were complete, I ran a length of ribbon between each pocket and glued them on along the top edge. You could also sew them on, if you prefer.

attaching ribbon

To finish, I backed each pocket with felt to add stability to the banner. Keeping the ribbon ends long means you can knot loops at each end for hanging up your banner.

adding felt to backside

This is a quick and easy craft, made simpler and quicker with the Amplify® Sewing Shears. Use your imagination as you embellish your back pockets and this banner is sure to make a statement! 

Supply List

Old jeans/denim suitable for re-purposing



Ric Rac

Bazzill flower embellishments

Felt scraps

Fabric scraps