Fall Felted Garland

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Fall Felted Garland

Use your Fuse to create this textural fall garland!

This Fall Felted Garland takes a bit of time to create, but once it’s done and displayed, you’ll see it’s worth the work. It adds beauty, texture and warmth wherever it hangs. 

Begin by cutting several wool felt flower shapes using your Fuse Creativity System®. You’ll need two shapes to create each dimensional bloom.  The garland pictured has a total of fifteen blooms and it measures two yards, but you can make in any length or density. The Fuse should cut cleanly through the wool felt, but if you have troubles, layer the felt between two pieces of cardstock before placing it between the die and cutting plate. 

cutting out floral shapes

Next, use your Amplify® Mixed Media Shears to cut a leaf or two for each flower.  Mother Nature isn’t perfect, so it’s fine if your leaves vary in size and shape.

cut out leaves

Layer two flower shapes together, and place them on top of a styrofoam block. The block is used to protect your work surface. Take your felting needle, and begin jabbing the needle into the center of the stacked pieces in an up and down motion. Do watch your fingers. Felting needles are quite sharp, so pay close attention to what you’re doing!

Keep jabbing the needle into the felt, working around the center until the barbs of needle work the fibers of the felt together and the two layers are joined.

using a felting needle

Join a leaf to the back of the bloom using your felting needle - just like you joined the two flower layers.

Felt together the remaining blooms and leaves for your garland.

Cut a two-yard length of thick wool yarn. Place a felt flower facedown on your block and lay the yarn across the center of the bloom. Jab your felting needle into the yarn and flower until the two pieces are joined.  Add your remaining blooms to the yarn using the same felting technique - spacing them four inches apart.


Thread and knot a needle with a coordinating bakers twine. Stitch a small “X” in the center of each flower. This ads a nice decorative detail, but also helps secure the flowers to the yarn.

stich a small x in the center of each flower

Hang your garland on the fireplace mantle, in a doorway, over a window or mirror, or any architectural detail.


Supply List

1 sheet of green wool felt for felting

2 sheets of  wool felt for felting in coordinating colors

2 yards of thick bulky wool yarn

Bakers twine

Styrofoam block

Felting needle

Tapestry needle