Miniature Christmas Embroidery Hoops

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Miniature Christmas Embroidery Hoops

These miniature embroidered hoops are small enough to hang on a Christmas tree, but would also look sweet grouped together and hung on a wall.

Place them in the entrance way to your home and they would wish welcome visitors 'Happy Holidays' or present them as a unique and heartfelt handmade gift to someone special.

I used wool felt in various colors for the backing fabric of my ornaments, though you could use almost any material. Consider using natural linen or even burlap for a more rustic style, or choose different colored cottons to co-ordinate with your existing holiday decor.


I used the Fiskars Circles template and drew around the 3.5” diameter circle onto the felt and cut it out.

Next, I selected some Fiskars Christmas stamps and stamped my design in ink directly onto my felt. I recommend trying out a few different designs on paper before you commit to stamping on to the felt or fabric. Also, test your stamps on a fabric scrap to make sure the ink doesn’t bleed onto the fabric.


After placing the felt into my 3” embroidery hoop and securing it tightly, I began to stitch along the lines made by the ink stamped design. In order to accurately follow the inked design, I varied the number of strands in my embroidery floss. Where the inked lines were thin I used as little as two strands. With the thicker lines, I used three or four. Even using two strands, the floss was thick enough to cover the ink lines completely.


When your design is complete, thread a small piece of ribbon under the screw to hang on your Christmas tree or wall.


If you are anything like me, you might want to buy a few more embroidery hoops in different sizes right from the start, to save you the inevitable return trip back to the store for more supplies. I found this project a lot of fun and just had to make more!


Supply List

3 inch embroidery hoops
Embroidery floss in various colors
Fabric or felt
Ink pad