How to Make a Quilted Tree Skirt

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Quilted Tree Skirt

Bring a little handmade goodness to your holiday decor and with this simple tree skirt tutorial.


1. Take one yard of fabric and cut into a square by laying one short raw edge against one long raw edge and trimming the excess.

2. Next, fold the square in half and half again, to make a smaller square. Fold this small square into a triangle, so that the very center of the fabric is at the point. Lay the triangle onto your cutting mat and cut a length of string or twine.


3. Hold one end of the string at the point of the triangle and with a pen to mark a line, sweep the other end of the string along the opposite end of the fabric, drawing a curve onto the fabric.

4 Inch Line

4. At the tip of the folded triangle, measure 4” from the point and draw a second curve using the string as a guide.


5. Cut along the two marked curved lines and open the fabric out. You will have a circle with a hole in the center.

6. Spray a suitable adhesive onto one yard of batting and place the circle you cut, on top. Turn the batting over and adhere the one yard of backing fabric to the back of the batting, with the spray adhesive. Next, sew random lines through all three layers.

7. When you have finished quilting the skirt, cut out the circle, cutting away the circle from the center hole and cutting an opening from the outside edge to the inside.

Cutting Bias Tape

8. Make your own bias tape using a fun fabric (or you could purchase pre-made bias tape from the store).

Pinning Bias Tape

9. Pin the bias tape all around the outside edge, along the opening you cut and around the inside circle, and sew. Fold the bias tape to the back of the skirt and handstitch in place with small stitches.


10. Sew a couple of velcro tags to the opening so that you can secure the skirt around the tree.

Finally, admire your work and enjoy the season. Happy Holidays!

Supply List

One yard cotton (main color)
One yard cotton (backing fabric)
One yard quilt batting
Quilter’s  spray adhesive
Fabric pen
Bias tape (make your own or store bought)
Handsewing needle