Ruffled Place Mat

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Ruffled Place Mat

Dimensions are based on an 11" plate. All seam allowances are 1/4 inch.

1. Create a 15-inch circle pattern for base. Using pattern paper or freezer paper, mark a center point with pencil. Measure 7.5 inches from center point and mark. Tie string to pencil. Align pencil with side mark and hold string at center mark. Holding pencil taut, draw circle evenly around center point.

2. Cut out pattern. Pin to double layer of light purple fabric and cut out using scissors. Set aside.

3. Using rotary cutter with acrylic ruler on cutting mat, cut out the following strips of fabric: 4 inch x 80 inch dark purple, 3.5 inch x 70 inch medium purple, and 3.5 inch x 60 inch light purple. When working with one yard pieces of fabric, you will need to sew together two equal pieces to form lengths and sew together to form full length.

4. Fold dark purple strip in half with right sides together and sew each end. Fold wrong sides of dark purple strip together and press.

5. To ruffle, run a long stitch along cut side down entire strip 1/4-inch from cut edge without back stitching. Gently pull bobbin string to gather strip into ruffles. Mark the center first and work from each end to the center being careful not to break the thread. Work ruffles to length to fit around base circle.

6. Pin and sew ruffles to right side of one base circle matching up cut edges. Ruffles will be laying inside circle.

7. Place second circle base onto ruffled base. Ruffles will now be hidden between the two right sides of base circles. Pin and sew leaving a 2 inch gap to turn right side out. Turn right side out; press and top stitch.

8. To create light purple and medium purple ruffles, fold each strip with right sides together and sew along cut edge and one end. Feed tube right side out and fold under unfinished end to sew closed. Press. Run a long stitch down each strip 1/4-inch from sewn edge. Ruffle as before.

Ruffled Placemat

9. Lay plate at center of base circle and trace around perimeter with disappearing ink fabric marker.

10. Pin medium purple ruffle halfway between edge of base circle and drawn circle and sew to secure.

11. Pin light purple ruffle along drawn circle and sew to secure and complete.

Supply List

Fabric: 1 yard each of three graduating colors
Coordinating thread
Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker
Pattern paper or freezer paper