DIY Children’s Play Tent

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
DIY Childrens Play Tent

Treat your children to their own special tent hideaway, then stand back and watch as the fun and adventures begin!

1. Fold the canvas painter’s cloth (or equivalent fabric yardage) to create a double thickness of fabric approximately 28” wide.

DIY Childrens Tent supplies needed

2. Along the straight folded edge, measure 62.5” and with a marker make a mark at the top and bottom points of this measurement.

3. With the marker, draw a straight line 5” long, in from the top mark on the folded edge.

4. With the marker, draw a straight line 25.75” long, in from the bottom mark on the folded edge.

5. Join the ends of the two lines together by drawing a diagonal line between them. You will have half a triangle shape (without a pointed top) on a fold.

6. With your 10” Amplify® Shears, cut out this shape from the double thickness of fabric and repeat steps 1 - 6 three more times so that you have four large ‘triangle’ panels of fabric.

DIY Childrens Tent cutting the canvas

7. Take two cut triangle pieces of fabric and lay one on top of the other with right sides facing together. Pin together along one long side and sew the seam with ½” seam allowance.

8. With the Fiskars® Acrylic Ruler, and marker, draw a line 1.5” in from the seam line, and sew along the line through both pieces of fabric. You have created a tube through which you’ll push a wooden pole to hold the tent up.

DIY Childrens tent measuring fabric

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the remaining triangle panels. The final panel will be sewn to the remaining raw edge of the first panel, to complete the canvas covering.

10. To create a doorway, make a cut through the center of one of the panels approximately 34” long. Cover the cut edge with bias tape to prevent fraying.

DIY Childrens Tent prevent fabric fraying

11. To prevent fraying, sew the entire way around the bottom of the canvas cover with a zigzag stitch.

DIY Childrens Tent sewing to prevent fabric fraying

12. Place the cover on the poles by threading the poles through the interior tubes you sewed. Tie the poles and canvas at the top securely.

DIY Childrens Tent inserting and securing poles

13. To finish, decorate the tent. Use felt shapes and a hot glue gun for ease, or stitch if you prefer.

Supply List

4 ¾” x 6ft wooden poles

9 x 12 ft canvas painter’s cloth (or equivalent fabric yardage)


1 package of bias tape


Hot glue gun

Sewing machine, thread, pins