Fun Felt Food

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Fun Felt Food
felt food patterns

*Use your Fiskars sewing scissors and some basic Fiskars shape templates to create a whole ensemble of cute felt food play pieces.


felt food - breakfast

Pancake: Use the 5 inch super-sized circle template to trace a circle onto tan felt. Trim two circles from tan felt.

felt food - cutting circles for pancake

Trim "syrup shape" from brown felt in a smaller circle shape with wavy edges. Layer syrup onto top of one of tan circles and machine stitch in place.

felt food - cutting pattern pieces for pancake

Trim 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch piece of yellow felt as "butter". Layer onto syrup and machine stitch in place. Place pancake half with syrup/butter on top of other tan felt circle - machine stitch around edges - this will both make pancake more durable and hide stitching from syrup/butter.

felt food - layering pancake

Egg: Trim two pieces of egg shape base from white felt, set one aside. Trim 3.5 inch circle using circle template from yellow felt for "yolk".

felt food - making yolk for egg

Use a running stitch around edge of yolk piece to gather the sides together, then tighten slightly - stuff with small amount of stuffing - secure circle edges closed with thread. Sew yolk onto top of one piece of egg base. Then layer both pieces of egg base and machine stitch around edge. Topstitch more layers/lines around egg base for added texture.

Bacon: Trace and cut two pieces of maroon felt for bacon base - machine stitch around edge. Trim thin "fat" piece for center from cream felt, zigzag machine stitch in place in middle of bacon.

felt food - cookies

Cookie: Same concept as pancake directions. Use 3.5 inch circle shape template to trim two circles for cookie base. Use 3 inch circle template and Fiskars Pinking Shears to trim cookie frosting. Layer frosting onto one of cookie felt circles and machine stitch around edge - add felt heart to top and stitch. OR trim bits of scrap felt as "chocolate chips" - arrange on one of cookie felt circles and stitch in place. Layer cookie top onto other felt circle and machine stitch around edge.

felt food - pizza pasta

Pizza: Trim triangle shape from tan felt. Roll end downwards and pin in place, machine stitch across to form "crust".

felt food - roll and sew pizza crust

Trim triangle shape of red "sauce", layer on top. Trim triangle shape of yellow "cheese", layer on top of sauce.

felt food - layer pizza sauce and cheese

Machine stitch around edge of triangle piece of pizza to secure layers in place. Trim small circles from maroon felt as "pepperoni", small half circle slices of "green pepper" and little "mushrooms" (or whatever toppings desired).

felt food - with child

Arrange on pizza slice and then machine stitch in place.

felt food - steps for farfalle pasta

Bowtie Pasta: Trim 2 inch x 2.75 inch piece of cream/natural felt. Use pinking shears on either 2 inch end to give pinking look. Fold rectangle as shown and stitch in place at the center. Trim two large wavy oval/puddles of red felt as "sauce" (size depends on how many bowtie pasta pieces you'd like to use), layer (for durability) and stitch around edge. Arrange bowtie pasta around and pin in place, then handstitch each onto felt base.

Supply List

Felt, thread, stuffing, pins, marker - fine tipped