Handmade Gift Series: Soft Doll

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Doll face

Making a child’s toy can be fun and easy, and it’s something that may be treasured for years to come.

I used super soft flannel fabrics that I prewashed in a non-bio laundry detergent and wool felt for the face and hair. I deliberately chose soft fabrics for this toy, because this is going to be given to a baby.

After selecting my fabrics, I hand drew a little doll shape on a piece of paper. I used a ‘keyhole’ design which meant I avoided having to worry about arms and legs! Keeping the shape simple is a great way to make this an easy project, plus I think the finished doll is particularly huggable!


Keyhole Design


After sketching a keyhole design I was happy with, I pinned the pattern to my fabric and cut it out.


Cutting fabric


I wanted to embellish my doll but I didn’t want any small parts that could be a danger or choking hazard to an infant. I decided to stitch lengths of bright ric rac to the front of the doll.


Ric Rac


I then sketched a little face and hair onto paper which I used as a template for cutting the wool felt.


Face template


I stitched the eyes and mouth features by hand with embroidery floss. Using French knots for the eyes is much safer than using buttons. I hand stitched the hair to the face using small stitches, then stitched the whole face to the front of the doll on my machine.


Embroidered face


Being more than a little obsessed with bright ric rac, I pinned more around the entire outside of the front of the doll and stitched it down through the center.


Ric rac edges


I then pinned on the back doll fabric and stitched it to the front, using the stitching line of the ric rac to guide me. I left a 3” hole at the bottom of the doll for turning and stuffing.


Pinning back of doll


After turning the doll right sides out and pressing it with an iron, I stuffed the doll with craft fiberfill. I topstitched the hole closed.


Closing hole


I think this doll is a cute little character and I’m sure it would make a good friend for a little child.


Finished doll

Supply List

Soft flannel fabric

Small amount of wool felt

Ric ric in various colors

Hand sewing needle and embroidery floss

Craft fiberfill


Sewing machine