Making Toys For Children

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Making Toys For Children

As the holiday season approaches, I find I’m thinking of ideas for toys that I could make for my own children or as items that could be donated to the numerous craft fairs or school holiday boutiques that we are all asked to participate in at this time of year.

Handmade gifts can be quick and simple to make, but they will stand the test of time and often hold a child’s attention longer than the latest store-bought, battery-operated gizmo. Plus you get the fun of making it!

Take this little matching game, for instance. I purchased a set of 20 inexpensive wooden discs and stamped pairs of 10 images onto them, using the smaller stamps available in the Fiskars Kaleidoscope Simple Stick stamp set. Pop them in a little drawstring sack or felt pouch and in a matter of minutes you have a cute game or stocking filler.

Stamped matching game

Speaking of wooden toys, blocks of all shapes and sizes have always been popular with children big and small, so the next time you need to cut back that overgrown tree in your yard, consider making a set of your own natural wood building blocks out of some discarded branches. Sand the ends thoroughly and check the bark for any roughness, before giving to children.

natural wooden blocks

Craft kits are another great gift to make for children as they can provide hours of open-ended play and activity. Cutting a few shapes from cardstock (think pirate ships, animals, crowns, faces...) and presenting them with little bags of jewels, stickers, beads and glitter, will have children exploring their creative side in no time. And it’s never too early to give a child with their own scrapbooking kit - complete with a couple fun Fiskars punches, of course!

scrapbook kit

Children who enjoy being creative and drawing may also like this handmade craft case, which holds their crayons or pencils as well as a stash of paper or notebooks. It closes with a convenient velcro strap, which means that it can be carried from place to place without fear of losing its contents.

Particularly handy for throwing in your bag on your way out the door to dinner - instant entertainment whilst waiting for food at a restaurant.

craft case

For the seamstresses among us, there are plenty of sewing-related gifts you could make for a child which include dolls clothes, a playhouse that fits over a large table complete with ‘windows’ and doors, dress up clothes or a cape as well as plush toys and dolls. Over the years, I’ve made almost all of these things for my children and they continue to be the toys that get the most attention in our house.


I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to inspire you to come up with your own handmade gifts for children. Toys don’t need to be noisy, large or expensive to be fun. What really counts is the love and thoughtfulness that has been put into creating a unique gift for its chosen recipient.