Remote Control Holder

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Remote Control Holder

TV remotes have a way of disappearing beneath couches and cushions in our house. This remote organizer is simple to sew and will control clutter. Happy viewing!

You’ll need – felt, fabric, sewing machine, ½ inch dowel

1. Cut felt to desired size – I used 15inch x 25inch. You may want wider or longer based on your couch size, and the number of pockets that you’d like to create.


2. Trim fabric to fit the width of felt, and at least ¾ the height of your tallest remote. Hem upper edge.

3. Lay fabric over felt, then sew outer edges & bottom edge to create large pocket. Be careful to NOT sew upper edge. Tip – don’t worry about raw edges. We’ll deal with those at the end!

4. Create desired number of pockets by stitching over top of fabric. Using a zigzag stitch will ensure that pockets are strong.

5. Use Fiskars Pinking Shears to trim all sides. This will reduce fraying, and eliminate the need to hem all edges.

6. Fold the top edge of felt and straight stitch to create a pocket for the wooden dowel. Slip dowel through.

7. Lay remote organizer over couch arm, tucking the dowel between the cushions to help secure.

Supply List

Felt, fabric, sewing machine, ½ inch dowel