Zippered Make-up Bag

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate


Zippered Make-up Bag

Living in a dorm creates a variety of storage and organizing opportunities for college kids.

I created this simple and roomy makeup bag for my daughter to take to university. She can fill it with makeup and toiletries to prevent multiple trips back to her room (hopefully enabling her to make it to class on time!). These zippered bags would also be useful for hair accessories, jewelry, and even school supplies!



1. For this project, you’ll need fabric + fusible web + thread + 12” zipper.


2. Cut 4 pieces of fabric – each 10” x 12”. I chose coordinating fabrics to create a multi-patterned look, but you can also just choose to work with a single pattern. I find it easiest to use a Fiskars Rotary Cutter to ensure precise cutting.


3. Iron fusible web (I used Steam a Seam sticky back fusible web) between layers of fabric, creating two 10” x 12” pieces.

4. Fold over a 12” side of your fabric piece approximately 0.5” and pin to the zipper. Repeat with the other piece of fabric. Straight stitch each side (ensure that the right side of your zipper is lined up with the fabric that you want to show on the outside of the bag).


5. Straight stitch the bottom 12” edge of fabric, creating a “tube.”

6. Flatten the tube so that your zipper is in the middle. Straight stitch each end. Hint – unzip the zipper several inches so that you can easily turn your bag right-side out.


7. Pinch each corner, and stitch straight across. Trim the pointed end, creating a straight edge. This will create squared corners.


8. Turn bag right side out and fill with your favorite products!


Special thanks to Mineral Fusion for providing product for this project.