Basic Pillow Cover with Flower Embellishments

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Basic Pillow Cover with Flower Embellishments

Switching out my pillow covers is one of my favorite ways to give a room a fresh look and it’s simple, inexpensive and quick.

Once you’ve learned to make a simple envelope style pillow cover, you’ll be able to add embellishments to dress it up. Included are dimensions that you can adapt to fit any size pillow form.


Envelope style pillow case

1. Measure your pillow form using the tape measure on your Sew Taxi.


2. Using your Comfort Grip Rotary Trimmer, cut your front piece of fabric to 1inch winder on each side than your pillow form. (I used an 18 inch pillow form, so my front piece was 19 inches x 19 inches)

3. Next, cut your back pieces. Start by cutting a piece of fabric to 1 inch wider than your pillow form x 10 inches longer than your pillow form (I cut mine to 19 inches x 28 inches)

4. Press a 1 inch hem into the end of each of your back pieces, and stitch into place.


5. Layer your fabric ñ front piece, right side up ñ back pieces, right side down. The back pieces should overlap and the hems should be towards the middle.

6. Pin in place.

7. Stitch around all four sides, then flip your pillow cover right side out.

8. Place pillow inside the case.

Flower Embellishments

1. Using your USX and circle templates, cut several sizes of circles from scrap cardstock.


2. Use these circles as a guide for cutting your fabric with your Comfort Grip Pinking Shears. Cut circles in varying sizes from coordinating scraps of fabric.

3. Add a button to the center of each layered flower.

4. Pin to the front of your pillow.


Supply List

1.5 yards gray fabric

scraps of coordinating fabric


safety pins

pillow form