Comfort Pillows

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Comfort Pillows

One of the most soothing remedies for tired joints is gentle heat. Rather than using a heating pad, you can create comfort pillows filled with flax seeds.

These pillows can be micro-waved for a few minutes before use. Loosely stuffing with flax seeds will make the pillows very pliable - perfect for wrapping around shoulders, knees, or wrists

1. Cut fabric to your desired length – at least 20 inches long for the large pillow, and 10 inches for the small. 8 – 9 inches is a good width. Fiskars Easy Action scissors make cutting easier.

Scissors and ruler

2. Pin right sides together, and machine stitch all sides, leaving a small opening for turning and filling.

3. Turn right side out (use the stuffing tool from Fiskars Sew Taxi to make this step easier)

4. Fill with flax seeds (you can find these in the natural foods or bulk bin section of your grocery store) – you may find it easiest to use a funnel to pour the seeds into each pillow.

5. Stitch the opening closed. For extra strength, you may want to fold the ends and topstitch using a zig-zag stitch

6. To use, microwave until warm to the touch.

For even more soothing relief, you may want to add a few drops of essential oils or dried lavender to your pillow.