Décor Trends: Floor Pillow Poufs

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
square floor pillow

Sew your own pillow pouf! They're all the rage in home décor. 

It seems that every home catalog that shows up in my mailbox has a page of poufs – most being a bit too spendy for my décor budget. I decided to make the trend my own by sewing a square pouf for my living room. It’s the perfect size to use as a floor pillow or meditation pillow.

For a 20" x 14" pouf, you’ll need:
- Approximately two yards of cotton or canvas fabric
- Sewing machine and thread
- 3-4 bags of polyfill stuffing


1. Cut two 20"x 20" inch squares of fabric (these will be the top & bottom of your pouf).


chevron fabric with scissors


2. Cut four 20" x 14" squares of fabric. Alternately, you can cut two 20" x 28" strips of fabric (these will form the sides of your pouf).

3. Pin right sides of 20" x 14" or 20" x 28" pieces together. Stitch seams to form a “tube” of fabric.


sewn tube of fabric


4. Pin 20" x 20" square to one side of the fabric “tube,” being careful to align the corners.

5. Sew seams to form a base. Don’t worry if the sides don’t align perfectly…you may need to form a small pleat in some places. This won’t be noticeable when the pouf is stuffed.

6. Pin remaining square, and sew 3 sides. On the fourth side, leave an opening to insert stuffing into.

7. Turn pouf right side out, and stuff with polyfill until you reach your desired firmness.


pouf stuffing


8. Stitch the opening closed.

I plan to make several poufs to toss around the house. They’re so easy to make that you change them up as often as you’d like – trend & style without the designer pricetags!