Floor Cushion from a Rug

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
finished floor cusions

Poufs, floor cushions and throw pillows are very much ‘on trend’ right now.

And rightly so! They bring color to a room and provide extra casual seating, indoors and outdoors, when you need it. Since they can also be pricey, I decided to find a way to make my own and by using the new Amplify® RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears by Fiskars, the choice of fabric and material to make your own fun floor cushion is endless!

amplify scissors

I used a rug I liked and being a fraction of the cost of an expensive floor cushion, I snapped it up right away!

To make your own floor cushion using a rug, follow my simple directions and you too can bring your own style and personality to a room. I used one rug which I cut in half to create two floor cushions. Check the sizes of your pillow insert and rug to calculate how many floor cushions you will be able to create.

Measure the size of your pillow insert on the rug using duck tape stuck onto the rug as a guide. I cut my cushion covers the same size as my pillow inserts and did not add a seam allowance. This helps to keep the cushions full and comfortable. The duck tape will keep frayed ends to a minimum, help avoid stretching out the rug and will provide you with an accurate cutting line.

Cut along the center of the duck tape and through the rug with your Amplify® Shears. Adding extra duck tape to the back of the cut ends will help to keep the rug from further fraying.

duct tape

Once you have your rug cut to size, put to one side. I cut two cushions fronts from one rug.

cushion front

Now cut two pieces of canvas or denim the same width and 1.5 times longer than the pillow insert. For example, my pillow inserts are 20” x 20” so I cut two pieces of cloth 20” x 15”. Hem one long end on each piece of fabric by folding twice to the wrong side and stitching.

Pin the canvas to the rug with right sides together and with the hemmed ends towards the center back, and sew through all layers. If the rug is too thick to pin, consider using binder clips to keep the layers together as you sew.

You might need to set your machine up for sewing heavy fabrics and this will include using a needle suitable for sewing denim.

Clip the corners for a neater finish and turn your cushion cover right side out through the opening at the back. Depending on how much the rug you are using frays, you may want to leave the duck tape on.

Push out the corners with a blunt tool and insert your pillow into the cover through the opening.

finished cusions

Supply List

Rug, suitable for repurposing

Heavy weight fabric (such as cotton or denim)

Pillow insert


Sewing machine with a needle suitable for sewing heavy fabrics


Duck tape