Peony Pillow

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate


Peony Pillow

These flowers are perfect for not only for a pillow but can be made a bit smaller for a knitted hat, headband, hairclip, bracelets, purses and more! You can also pin these to a skirt or favorite sweater!



Step 1: Cut out 20 flowers in large petal size. Place two flowers together with their right sides together. Sew around the curved edges of the petal leaves the flat bottom edge open. Turn right side out. Spray lightly with spray starch and press on low setting. Repeat with all petal pieces.


Step 2: With a needed and thread, sew across the flat edges of all the large flowers with continuous stitching. When all ten flowers are on the thread, pull the thread so the flowers gather together in the center.


Step 3: Add some additional stitches in the center of the flowers to reinforce. Repeat the same steps for the medium and then the small petals.


Step 4: Place the medium flower section on top of the large flowers and stitch together at the center. Then place the small flower section and sew all layers together in the center. Finish flower off with a special button or make one using the I-top.


Step 5: Cut a two 1 inch by 11 inch lengths from felt. Cut small snips not cutting all the way down on the felt. Begin to roll the flower until all has been rolled. Use a small straight pin to hold. Thread a needle with a matching thread color and sew through the center base of the felt to secure all the layers together. Remove the pin. 'Fluff' the flower to open it and give it a bit of dimension. Hot glue or sew on beads, buttons or your choice of embellishment.


Step 6: Cut out some felt leaves. Add some hand stitched details using DMC floss.

Step 7: Now to adhere the flowers to the pillow fabric. Add GlueArts Fabric Bond adhesive to flower and leaves. Lightly press onto fabric ensuring a good bond. Repeat for all leaves.


Step 8: Hot glue onto the felt flowers onto the pillow fabric.

Step 9: Now to embellish the pillow... hand sew leaves and details using DMC floss. To add a bit of whimsy and color, use Maya Road Maya Mists and lightly mist the pillow for a soft added color. Allow time for mist to dry.

Step 10: Finish off ends of pillow with beautiful hand-dyed seam binding.

A few tips: I recycled a bolster pillow that was not being used. I simply wrapped the base fabric around the bolster, marked the seam line, removed the bolster, turned the fabric inside out and sewed a seam. I did the same for the ends to keep it very simple.

Julia Sandvoss

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Supply List

Glue Arts Fabric Bond
Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun
Fabric/Felt: 20 large flowers, 16 medium flowers, 12 small flowers
Needle and Thread
Imaginisce I-top
DMC Floss
Maya Road Maya Mist
Pillow form
Spray Starch/Iron