Easy Ombre Felt Blanket

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Easy Ombre Felt Blanket

A fun, soft, colorful blanket! Valentines day is all about the love right?

Undoubtedly the two biggest loves of my loves of my life are my daughters. For me the best way to show someone that you love them- is to make them something handmade.

So I set out to make a simple blanket for my girls, using blocks of felt. This was a "Mommy and Me" project the whole way and I think the biggest gift was us spending crafty time with each other.
We started at the store, where my 4 year old daughter help choose the colors of felt we were going to use. She picked the pinks and grays (the pinks I expected, but the grays surprised me!) and we were ready to sew.

The next day, we laid all of our rectangles on the floor until we had formed a blanket that we liked. I then started sewing adjacent rectangles together to form rows of our blanket.


Once the rows were done, I sewed them together to form a blanket. I used a simple whipstitch all along the edges to join the rectangles of felt.


The last step was to add some decorative binding to the blanket. The blanket does not really need a binding like a quilt would need one, this was more of a decorative touch. I used the Amplify® Razor edge 10 inch scissors to trim the blanket edges to be perfectly squared. I then cut my binding fabric using the Classic Stick Rotary Cutter 60 mm and an Acrylic Ruler.


This blanket turned out to be a nice heavy weight one and is really snuggly and comfortable- yet has a rustic homemade feel. The girls simply love it!

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