Finishing the quilt…

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Finishing the quilt…

For 2012, I took on a New Year’s Resolution of sewing one quilt block every month.

My goal was to have 12 blocks sewn by the end of the month, ready to be put together as a quilt.

And now it’s time to join those quilt blocks together!

Each month’s block was trimmed to 8.5 by 8.5 inches, using an acrylic block. This yielded precisely square blocks, and so joining them together was very easy.

I played around with the idea of sewing strips of fabric between the blocks. But in the end, I loved the way the blocks looked together butted against each other. So I joined the 12 blocks to form a grid of 3 blocks by 4 blocks.


Next I added a thin printed fabric border around the center block formation. I cut 1.25 inch wide strips using my 60mm Rotary cutter for this.

Around this I added another 6inch wide neutral beige fabric border.


This completed my quilt front. The next step was to add my batting and create a quilt sandwich. I used a fusible batting this time, which was a first to me. I usually use pins to hold my quilt sandwich together, but this time I just needed to iron the quilt front, batting and quilt back together and that was it. I was especially impressed at how easy the fusible batting was to use, and enjoyed the hand quilting experience so much more this time.


I chose to hand stitch my quilt together, because that is something I enjoy doing.  I love having something to sew while I watch TV, and nothing could be more perfect than a quilt! The hand quilting can be a little more time consuming, but I kept it simple to speed up the process.


I simply stitched around each of my blocks, using colored threads- I chose read and ochre tones here. After going around each block, I then tied a small knot to end the threads.


After completing the quilting, I used a Softgrip Pinking shears to trim the edges of the quilt.


Finally I chose my binding fabric, and machine stitched it onto the quilt edge. I next folded and hemmed it into place.


And the quilt was done.