Four Strand Knit Blanket

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Folded Knitted Blanket

Use a large needle and four strands of yarn at once to knit a quick and cozy blanket!

Knitting with a larger size needle is fast and fun! I am sharing a simple idea to make a nice snuggly blanket for your family. This is the perfect craft to keep your fingers busy while watching some TV.

I pulled out a bunch of yarn from my collection – some textured bulky yarn and some regualr yarn for this blanket.


MAterials laid out yarn scissors needles


To make each block, cast 20 stitches on a size 19 needle, combining four different yarns as one.


yarn in hand


Work in Stockinette stitch on these stitches. Knit one row than purl the next one. 

Knit and cast off each block when it reaches eight inches long. Make 20 such blocks.


yarn and needles


This is a great blanket to use up all of the random balls of yarn you have accumulated. If I ran out of a particular color of yarn in the middle of a block, I simply continued the block in a new color.


close up of knitted yarn



Once you have knit all 20 blocks, lay them out and arrange them in a pattern that you like.


20 squares of knitted yarn


Sew or crochet the blocks together to form blanket.


close up of knitted blanket



completed blanket

Supply List

A variety of yarns, knitting needle size 19. Crochet hook or needle.