Picnic Quilt

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
picnic quilt

Summer and picnics go hand-in-hand. I wanted to make a light-weight but colorful quilt to use in the summer, and I made it using a simple patchwork pattern.

First, I selected a bunch of bright, fun fabrics and cut them into eight inch (plus seam allowance) by ten inch ( plus seam allowance) rectangles using the Fiskars 60mm rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler.


step 1: cut quilt squares

I sewed the blocks together to form my quilt front. Next, I pinned my quilt front to its quilt back (right sides facing together) with no batting in between. This is going to be a light and airy summer quilt with just two layers of fabric sandwiched together. I then stitched all around the edges of the quilt leaving just a small gap for me to turn the quilt inside out. I trimmed off the excess using pinking shears. I then hand stitched the opening close.

sewing quilt blocks together

Next, I ironed the quilt flat, making sure the edge seams were in line. I then 'tied' the quilt together at each of the block intersections.

iron the blocks and tie the intersections

To tie, I inserted my needle into both the fabrics and pulled it leaving a long enough tail behind that could be used to tie a knot. Once I finished stitching, I used the tail from the beginning and tied a secure double knot. Trim the excess off carefully using a pair of Micro Tip Scissors.


trim excess thread after tying

A big thank you to Cosmo Cricket for the beautiful fabric.   

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