Quilt Block of the Month - No. 10

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Quilt Block of the Month - No. 10

Hello October. It’s time for a brand new quilt block again! How fast has this year gone by already?

My resolution for the year 2012 was to stitch one new quilt block every month- a very non-overwhelming way of getting a quilt done. By making one quilt block every month, I should have a total of 12 blocks by the end of the year, ready to be sewn together into a new quilt.

And moving forward, I have this month’s quilt block ready to share with you! This month’s block is all about stitching triangles from squares, and you can easily make this block in bulk quickly. It’s a very simple symmetric block, with a mix of colors.

To begin, I cut out fabric squares to measure 2 inches (plus seam allowances). You will need 26 such squares, but I cut 30 of them, just to have a few extra.

cut fabric in 2 inch squares

Next, we need to make triangles out of these squares. Place two squares facing together, and draw a line to mark the diagonal. I then stitched on either side of this diagonal. Using a sharp pair of scissors, like the Micro Tip No. 5. Cut carefully on the diagonal we drew, to separate the square into two triangles. Press out seam allowances, and we now have two squares- made up of two triangles each.

make triangles out of the squares

Repeat this on the remaining squares, to end up with 26 squares (where each square is made up of two triangles). I used a bone folder to open out the seam allowances of the triangles. This makes the process go quicker. Arrange these squares in five rows and columns and move them around until you have a pleasing distribution of color.

join the squares to match points

Join these squares, making sure to match the points. Once all the tiny squares have been joined, iron out the seams. Using the Fiskars 60mm rotary stick cutter and an acrylic ruler, trim the excess off to form a perfect square.

trim off excess to make a perfect square