Quilt Block of the Month No. 11

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Quilt Block

A log cabin block, with a tilt…

 My resolution for the year 2012 was to stitch one new quilt block every month- a very non-overwhelming way of getting a quilt done. By making one quilt block every month, I should have a total of 12 blocks by the end of the year, ready to be sewn together into a new quilt.  

It’s time for a brand new quilt block again! Only two more to go!

This month’s block has a log cabin approach, but instead of starting with a 2 by 2 inch square center, I started my block with a triangle.

To begin, cut out fabric strips of different lengths to measure 2 inches (plus seam allowances) wide using the Fiskars 60mm Rotary Cutter. Also cut one 5 inch square, and cut it into half, to form two triangles. We will only be using one of these triangles for today’s block.

Step 1 quilting


Pin the first strip onto the center triangle along one of the angled edges and sew into place. Press the seams open or press the seam to one side. I often use my bone folder (used to fold cardstock into cards) to crease the seams. Make sure this strip extends longer than the center triangle. Similarly stitch another strip onto another edge of the triangle as seen.

Cut fabric quilting


Now trim off the excess overhang of the fabric, by aligning an acrylic ruler along the last side of the triangle as seen here.

Step 3 quilting


Now pin and sew another strip (here I joined two fabrics to form one long strip) along the edge you just trimmed.

Align fabric


Now place an 8.5 by 8.5 inch acrylic block on top of the unfinished block, and trim any overhang.

Measure fabric


Now we are going to build the block again, but this time, the strips will the reducing in size. Pin and sew another strip along the angled edge as seen here

Layout fabric

Repeat the above step again, and trim the block to its finished size using the 8.5 by 8.5 inch acrylic block and 60mm Rotary Cutter. And this block is finished!

Finished quilting square