Quilt Block of the Month - No. 3

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Quilt Block of the Month No 3

Keeping up with my new years resolution for 2012 of one new quilt block every month, I have this months quilt block ready to share with you. The concept for this year is that by making one quilt block every month, I will have a total of 12 blocks by the end of the year, ready to be sewn together into a new quilt…

For this month’s block, my third block in the series, I chose to use a flying geese pattern. This is usually done in a symmetrical manner, and I use 4 flying geese along with some squares to form this block.

To begin, I cut one large 4 inch (plus your seam allowances) square block for my center using a rotary cutter. You will also need four 4 by 2 inch (plus your seam allowances) rectangles and twelve 2 by 2 inch (plus your seam allowances) squares. Each of these can be from different fabrics.


Place one 2 inch square onto the rectangle, right sides facing each other, and sew on the diagonal as seen below.


Trim the overhang using a scissor and fold the fabric out to form a triangle. Place second 2 inch square onto opposite end and repeat.


You now have one flying geese block sewn. Traditionally, a flying geese is made using just two kind of fabrics; one for the rectangle and one for the squares. That is the two 2 inch squares would usually be of the same fabric. But I used scraps for all of rectangles and squares, thus creating a more colorful flying geese block. Now you need to create three more such blocks.


To make my 8.5 by 8.5 inch square block, I arranged my center 4 inch square block, and then the four flying geese around them along with four 2 inch squares.


Join the rows, and then the columns making sure to match the intersections. Press the seams open and iron the block. You now have another months block complete.