Quilt Block of the Month - No. 7

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Quilt Block of the Month No 7

We are into month seven of this year’s sewing resolution! If you haven’t read about my resolution, I plan to stitch one new quilt block every month.

The concept is that by making one quilt block every month, I will have a total of 12 blocks by the end of the year, ready to be sewn together into a new quilt.
And moving forward, I have this months quilt block ready to share with you! Last months block was a little difficult, so I am keeping this month’s block simpler.

Today, I am building a simple patchwork block, with squares of 1 inch to form a border. This also will use a lot of your scrap fabrics, or you can into new fabrics. I really have been using a lot of teeny tiny scraps in a lot of my blocks for the past few months.

To begin, trim scrap fabrics to measure 1 inches (+seam allowances) strips. I chose a couple of different colors here. For the center square I used a 4 inch square (plus seam allowances).

Trim scrap fabrics to one inch strips

I joined the strips lengthwise and then cut in into half and half again to form a border of one inch blocks.

join the strips lenghtwise

Sew these block strips around the center square making sure to match your points. Trim excess.

add different colored borders on the outside

I then added a couple of different colored borders on the outside, and trimmed it using the 8.5 inch acrylic block. This block is a super handy tool to make sure you end up with blocks with perfect points.

trim using an 8.5 inch acrylic block

And that’s it! You now have another months block complete! 7 down, 5 more to go!

complete quilt square