Quilt Block of the Month - No. 8

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Quilt Block of the Month - No. 8

We are already into month eight of this years sewing resolution! Time is flying fast for sure!

The end of this quilt doesn’t seem that far now and I am excited to put all of these blocks together! If you haven’t read about my 2012 resolution, I planned to stitch one new quilt block every month- a very non-overwhelming way of getting a quilt done. The concept is that by making one quilt block every month, I will have a total of 12 blocks by the end of the year, ready to be sewn together into a new quilt.

And moving forward, I have this months quilt block ready to share with you! This month’s block is all about stitching triangles from squares, and you can easily make this block in bulk quickly.
To begin, cut fabrics into 5 inch (+seam allowances) squares. I chose a couple of different colors here. You will need a total of 8 squares here.

Cut fabric into 5 inch squares

Next, choose any two fabric squares and place them with right sides facing together. Using a fabric pencil and ruler, lightly draw a line marking the diagonal. Now leaving a 0.25 inch allowance, sew on either sides of this diagonal.

next choose two squares place the right sides facing together

Using the Fiskars 60mm rotary stick cutter and a ruler, cut along this diagonal. Press out the seam allowance and this should yield two square blocks, each made up of two triangles. Sew another pair of 5 inch squares similarly, to yield another set of the smaller squares. You should now have four smaller squares, as seen below.

Sew two of the these smaller squares together

We are now going to sew two of these smaller squares together, only this time on the opposite diagonal. For my block, I chose two of the smaller squares of different colors. Place these two squares, right sides facing together, making sure to align the seams of the triangles together.

Place these two squares right sides facing together

Now lightly draw a pencil line on the opposite diagonal. Stitch on either sides of the new diagonal as you did previously. After sewing, cut along this diagonal using the rotary cutter and a ruler.

press open seam allowances

Press open seam allowances and iron flat. This should yield two squares now, each square made up of 4 triangles each.

Join these squares together along any seem

Join these squares together along any seam. This completes half of our block. Repeat these steps once more, with another four 5 inch starter squares to produce the other half of the block.
Join these two halves together along the longer edge, to complete the 8 inch (plus seam allowances) block. Use a 8.5 by 8.5 inch acrylic block to trim off the excess fabric, resulting in a perfect block with sharp points and edges.

completed quilt square