Tree Wall Quilt

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Tree Wall Quilt

Two things you'll rarely find missing from something I create are dimension and texture.

I've found small wall quilts are a great way to experiment with new techniques, as well as trying out different combinations of textures and techniques to see how they look together. Putting them on a wall quilt leaves me with a nice project when I'm finished playing in lieu of little samples that might normally be pushed aside and forgotten.

tree wall quilt hanging heart appliques

I used the Fiskars Woodland Tree Shape Template as a stencil for my appliques on this wall quilt, cutting 16 hearts from a variety of fabrics.

tree wall quilt hanging crocheted leaves

I wanted smaller leaves on my tree than the template provides so I used the bird wing as a leaf stencil, cutting them from an old wool sweater. I then crocheted around the perimeter of each leaf. If you don't crochet, you can add a blanket stitch, or any stitch you like. The wool was thick and made getting even stitches difficult but gave me a rustic look I really liked and blended in well with the finished look I had in mind.

tree wall quilt hanging  tree applique

The tree is also cut from an old wool sweater. Due to the thickness of the material and the fuzzy texture which a pen wouldn't write on, I created a paper pattern using the template. When doing this, be sure to use lots of pins to prevent the pattern from shifting during cutting.

tree wall quilt hanging fabric cutting

Using the 18" x 24" Cutting Mat, the 45 mm Comfort Grip Rotary Cutter, and the 3.5" x 18" Acrylic Ruler, I cut the base materials for the quilt.

I cut the front to 14" x 16" knowing I wanted to use the raw edges of the fabric.

I cut the back panel 15" x 17" and folded and pressed all the edges in 1/2" so I would have a nice finished edge on the back.

I sandwiched quilt batting, cut slightly smaller than the back panel and cheese cloth cut to 16" x 18".

The panel in the center of the quilt is an 8" x 8" square.

The blue horizontal strip is 3.5" x 16".

tree wall quilt hanging pre-stitching

After cutting all the fabric pieces, I laid the out on the front panel.. I wanted a rustic look so I just eyeballed the placement of all the pieces. I pinned the fabric panels in place and adhered the hearts with fusible web.

tree wall quilt hanging stitched hearts

Next, I stitched all the pieces in place.

tree wall quilt hanging tree stitches

I hand stitched the tree trunk to the front panel using random french knots and seed stitches. I attached the leaves with a back stitch.

tree wall quilt hanging stitching

Finally, I sandwiched the quilt batting and cheese cloth between the front and back panels and hand stitched using a back stitch all the way around the quilt. This could be done by machine to save time.

And with the finished project, I have a sampler with 2 new techniques (the crocheted leaves and the cheesecloth layer) that I can hang in my sewing room to remind me to try them on other projects in the future.

tree wall quilt hanging1

Supply List

14" x 16" and 15" x 17" cuts of fabric for front and back panels

3.5" x 16" and 8" x 8" cuts of fabric for decorative panels

fabric scraps for appliques

quilt batting



wool felt for appliques

crochet thread and hook (optional)

embroidery floss and needle