Make the 4th of July a Blast!

Check out inspiring ideas that can help you express your patriotic spirit with a pop of style.


Whether it’s a Halloween costume, a pair of Christmas pajamas or simply a piece of festive décor, the holidays are always a great time for sewing and quilting enthusiasts to show their stuff. If you’re looking to keep your ideas fresh, colorful and stylish, check out our project gallery. Our sewing and quilting experts offer step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful handmade pieces that are on-theme for every special celebration on your calendar. When the next holiday season rolls around, let us help you make every handmade gift you give one to be cherished.

A Rustic New Year’s Eve Celebration

Handmade Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes

Jellyfish Costume

Halloween Headbands

Quilted Tree Skirt

Simple Christmas Throw Pillows