Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

Who said Christmas is all about red, green and gold?

This playful, quirky Christmas tree skirt brings a variety of whimsical colors to your holiday décor.

1. Take 1 yard of wool felt and cut it into a circle. Cut a second circle in the center, to create a ring. (For tips on cutting the felt into a circle see my Quilted Tree Skirt tutorial.)

2. Attach and sew bias tape to the outer and inner raw edges of the ring.
Here’s the outer edge:

Felt Tree Skirt-bias-tape-on-outer-edge

And the inner edge:

Felt Tree Skirt-bias-tape-on-inner-edge

3. Use the Fuse ornaments mini design set to cut multiple shapes from the assorted wool felt.

Felt Tree Skirt-wool-felt-ornaments

And I mean lots of shapes!

Felt Tree Skirt-multiple-ornaments

4. Add detail to a selection of the ornaments by sewing ric rac, ribbon or lace through the center for a decorative effect.

Felt Tree Skirt-detail-on-ornaments

5. Position the ornaments on the tree skirt. Play around with the layout until you are satisfied.

Felt Tree Skirt-positioning-ornaments

6. Hold the ornaments in place with fabric spray adhesive or pins.

Felt Tree Skirt-pin-ornaments-in-place

7. Sew the ornaments to the tree skirt. Use a bright thread and vary the stitches for a fun look.

Felt Tree Skirt-sewing-up-close

Supply List

1 yard of wool felt
Assorted scraps of wool felt
Ric rac and ribbon
Bias Tape (2 packages)
Fabric spray adhesive or pins
Sewing machine