Children’s Easter Bags

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Childrens Easter Bags

Make these cute animal themed gift bags for gift giving this Easter.

Bunny Bag

1. To make the bunny bag, cut a white felt circle using the Fuse Creativity System® and circle Medium Design Set.

Cut Felt Circle using the Fuse Creativity System

2. Use a cardstock template cut from the circle Pop Up Punch to cut two black eyes and one pink nose from wool felt.

Cutting our the eyes and nose using the Fiskars Pop Up Circle Punch

3. Use a cardstock template cut from the Medium Round ‘n Round Squeeze Punch to cut 2 cheeks from white felt.

Cutting cheeks using the Fiskars Round n Round Squeeze Punch

4. Cut two long ears from white felt and two pink inner ears. Hand stitch the pieces in place to the front of the canvas bag.

Sewing the bunny bag

5. Add long whiskers finished with French knots at the cheeks, to finish the bunny.

Chick Bag
Chicken bag up close

1. To make the chick bag, cut one oval from yellow felt and one wing using the bird Medium Design Set. Also cut an inner and outer eye, using the bigger and smaller circle templates from steps 2 and 3.

2. Cut an orange triangle for the beak.

Cutting chicken shapes using the Fiskars Micro Tip Scissors

3. Sew all the shapes in position to the front of the canvas bag.

Sewing the chicken onto the bag

4. Add two long chick legs using orange thread to finish.

Supply List

Wool Felt in Various Colors



Canvas Treat Bag