Candy Corn Banner for Halloween

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Candy Corn Banner for Halloween

Whether you like scary or cute, there are a lot of really creative and inexpensive ways we can personalize our homes with Halloween decor.

Among these creative, inexpensive possibilities is the banner, often referred to as a bunting. I'm happy to see banners continue to be a popular trend in crafting. There is so much versatility in the options for creating one, from the materials you can use, to the to the shape and size, to the complexity of the details in the design.

I decided to work with a variety of fabrics to create this Halloween banner. Using a repetitive design made the planning simple and the design clean, while the stitching added a touch of complexity to it.

Candy Corn Banner create a paper pattern

The tools needed to create this banner couldn't be more basic. I used a Fiskars rotary cutter, cutting mat, and acrylic ruler. To begin, I created a pattern for my candy corn using a piece of printer paper that I squared up in the corner of the measuring grid. Aligning an acrylic ruler with the 45 degree bias line, I penciled a line on the paper to create a triangle.

Candy Corn Banner cut paper pattern

Measuring 6 inches up each side of the side of the triangle (starting at the tip) and again using the acrylic ruler, I made a mark and penciled a line to connect them.

Candy Corn Banner corner rounder

After cutting out my triangle, I used the Fiskars Well Rounded Squeeze Punch to round the tips of the triangle.

Candy Corn Banner strips of fabric being cut

Using yellow fabric cut to 5 inches x 1.25 inches, orange fabric cut to 5 inches x 3 inches, and white fabric cut to 5 inches x 2 inches, I created a square of fabric by stitching them together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Centering the triangle pattern over the square of fabric (wrong side of fabric), I traced around it and cut it out, leaving an approximately 1/4 inch seam allowance. I created 5 of these squares.

Candy Corn Banner backing being added

I placed the fabric candy corn face down on a slightly larger piece of muslin and stitched along the penciled line on the fabric candy corn leaving a small section unstitched to use for turning the piece right-side out. I cut off the excess backing fabric, trimmed the excess fabric from the candy corn tips to reduce the bulk, and turned the piece right-side out.

Candy Corn Banner one completed banner

I then stitched each fabric candy corn to a 5 inch x 8 inch piece of muslin and machine stitched each muslin piece to a 6 inch x 9 inch piece of burlap. Stitching around the perimeter of the burlap helps to control the unraveling of the edges. To finish, I cut a 7 inch x 4 inch piece of contrast fabric for the top edge of each panel. I folded the fabric to 7 inches x 2 inches, align one long edge with the top  edge of the burlap panel (back side of the panel), and folded all the layers over to the front of the panel to the desired length. I pinned the layers together and stitched along the edge of the contrast fabric, making sure to also stitch through the contrast fabric on the back side of the panel.

Candy Corn Banner finished banner

I hand stitched a length of heavy twine across the tops of all the panels to connect them.

Supply List

1/4 yard burlap

1/2 yard muslin

Fabric scraps for candy corn

Off white thread

Black embroidery floss