Happy Pumpkin Shirt

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Happy Pumpkin Shirt

This ‘Happy Pumpkin’ shirt is quick to make and has a huge cuteness factor!

1. Use the Fuse Creativity System® with the medium oval-shaped die and the pumpkin letterpress plate from the expansion pack and with permanent ink (suitable for fabrics) to cut one pumpkin face from wool felt.

Happy Pumpkin Shirt cut-felt-pumpking

2. Position the pumpkin centrally on the front of a tee. Tuck a small amount for ric rac under the top for the pumpkin stalk.

Happy Pumpkin Shirt position-pumpkin-on-tee

3. Sew the pumpkin face to the front of the tee, catching the end of the ric rac in your stitches to secure.

Happy Pumpkin Shirt sew-pumpkin-to-tee

4. Apply Heat ‘n Bond to one side of a piece of wool felt.

Happy Pumpkin Shirt apply-heat-n-bond

5. Use the letter template to trace the wording on to the Heat ‘n Bond. Trace the letters backwards since this is the wrong side.

Happy Pumpkin Shirt tracing-letter

6. Cut out the letters using sharp detail scissors.

Happy Pumpkin Shirt cutting-letters

7. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to iron the adhesive to the tee and stitch in place to finish.

Happy Pumpkin Shirt stitching-letters-to-tee

Happy Halloween!

Happy Pumpkin Shirt happy-pumpkin

Supply List

Shirt to embellish
Wool felt in various colors
Permanent ink pad
Small amount of fabric adhesive sheets
Small amount of ric rac