Sewing a Simple Princess Dress

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Sewing a Simple Princess Dress

Make the perfect Halloween costume for your little girl!

For this dress, I bought a lot of tulle, some shiny fabric and a cotton printed fabric. Once I had selected the fabrics, I felt more confident about this project. I stepped away from the pink (which we bought last year) and used my daughters’ second favorite color, purple, instead.

Princess Dress-gathering fabric and scissors

I first cut the yoke of the dress, as three different pieces. I also cut the back (not seen in photo) as two pieces, so that it would have a button or zipper closure. For sizing, I used a good fitting blouse that my daughter wears.

Princess Dress-Cutting the yoke

For the sleeves, I cut two layers of tulle for each sleeve. The 8 inch  Amplify® RazorEdge Fabric Shears are nice and heavy and give a clean cut on the tulle. The sleeve I chose is a basic cap sleeve- you could make a frilly puffy sleeve using elastic instead. The sleeve still frills up a little here, so it looks pretty.

Here’s what the top of the dress looks like:

Princess Dress - dress top

For the skirt, I first sewed each of the three layers individually to form a tube. I then layered them inside each other and loosely hand sewed along the top. I then adjusted the frills formed and pinned it onto the yoke, and machine stitched it all into place.

Princess Dress - skirt fabrics

I pinned the hem and stitched it in place.

The final touches were the addition of some jewels. I cheated a bit here and used fabric glue to get them onto the dress. While I love hand embroidery, I am really bad at sewing buttons and jewels. I saved a few extra gems, in case the dress looses any of the gems later. This way, I can always glue them back.

Princess Dress-jewels adhered onto dress

The expression on my daughters face when she saw the finished dress- priceless! This dress will always be special for her.

Princess Dress-completed dress

Supply List


Fabric of choice


Sewing machine


Fabric adhesive