Fabric Sachets for Mom

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Fabric Sachets for Mom

I love the fresh soothing scent of Lavender! And it’s so easy to make these simple quilt sachets scented with Lavender as a gift for Mom or yourself.

They can easily be made from scraps of fabric that you may have lying around. And when you’re done simply tuck them into clothing draws, closets or even a suitcase to enjoy.


Square Sachets
1. Cut 3 - 2 inch by 5 inch strips of fabric using Rotary Cutter and Acrylic Ruler.
2. With two strips, place right sides facing in and stitch along length of one side .25 inch from edge.
3. Open seam and press flat.
4. Repeat Step 2, with third strip (right side facing in against one side of the already stitched piece. Open seam and press flat. You should now have 3 strips of fabric sewn together.

Floral Sachets1_rev

5. Cut a piece of coordinated fabric (blue dot) to match the size of the quilted piece ñ approximately 4.5 inch square.
6. Face right sides in and stitch around .25 inch from edge, leaving a 1.5 inch gap on one side.
7. Turn right side out, using the Sewing Multi Tool’s (Sew Taxi) Stuffing Tool to push out the corners.
8. Fill with lavender and hand stitch the opening closed. Stack 3 or more and tie with a ribbon.

Sachet Bag
1. Stitch together 12 strips of fabric, similar to what was done with the squares above.
2. Fold ends over twice .75 inch and stitch across.
3. Fold length in half with right sides facing in. Stitch around the three sides leaving the top open. Turn right side out.
4. Fill with lavender and tie with a ribbon.
Note: This sachet can be refilled again and again.

Heart Sachet
1. Use scraps of fabric and stitch together to create a 5 - 6 inch square. Start with the two pieces on the right. Stitch these together; open the seam to press flat; then stitch these to the fabric on the left and again open the seam and press flat.
2. Cut a piece of trim or ribbon to the height of the square and stitch it along the center.
3. Cut another piece of fabric to the same size of the square.

Floral Sachets2_rev

4. With the Heart Shape Template, trace the largest heart.
5. Pin the two pieces together with right sides out and stitch around the heart shape, leaving a 1.5 inch opening.
6. Fill the heart with Lavender and stitch closed the opening.
7. Use the Pinking Shears to trim around the heart shape .25 inch from the stitching.

Tips: To refresh them, simply toss them a bit to stir up the Lavender. You can also heat them up in the microwave for 10 seconds.

floral Sachets3_rev

Supply List

4 coordinated fabrics (less than one quarter yard each)

Dried lavender

2 yards various trim or ribbon