Handmade Gift Series: Cloth Baby Book

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Finished book

Making a cloth book for baby is fun and easy. And there’s no reason it shouldn’t be colorful too!

Continuing my quest to create one handmade gift a month during 2013, I decided to make a colorful cloth book for a baby. I decided to keep it simple by using a fun rainbow theme.

Shopping for the supplies for this book was easy. I simply selected ribbon and notions of various textures and colors, aiming to find several shades of each color of the rainbow. My local fabric store was more than happy to patiently cut ¼ yards of 30 different notions - I was lucky there was no line behind me that day!

Start by cutting 8 squares of wool felt. Mine measured 6” x 6”. Pin all your red notions to one square, all your orange notions to the next, all your yellow to the third etc...I varied the direction and layout for interest.

I sewed my notions to the felt with invisible thread. It is a clear, nylon thread and it will blend in with each notion or color you sew. It’s MUCH easier than changing thread every time!


Sewing notions


The final wool felt square will be your front cover. I sewed a rainbow design using wool felt colors. To do the same, pin the colored felt to the front cover and sew in an arc. Trim each side of the stitching after sewing, and then repeat for all 7 colors of the rainbow.


Rainbow cover


Next, start to sew the pages together. Pin the red page to the indigo page, the orange page to the blue, the yellow to the green and the front cover to the violet with the right sides facing. Sew together down the right-hand side.


Sewing page centers


Once sewn, trim the notions that extend beyond the seam. You will want the pages to lay as flat as possible.


Trimming notions


Now, sew together each set of 2 pages to the next. Pin the front cover and the violet page to the red and indigo page. Pin the orange and blue pages to the yellow and green pages and sew them all with wrong sides together all the way around the outside. You can either tuck your trim and notions to the inside or trim them off after stitching, depending on whether they are likely to fray or not.


Sewing page sides


If you did not tuck the ends of the notions to the inside, you can trim around the edges of the pages to neaten.


Trimming edges


Simply layer the pages with the front cover on the outside and the yellow and green pages on the inside. Double check the order of your rainbow and then sew down the center seam to join the pages together and to finish the book.


Sewing center


I am a rainbow purist (!) and prefer to acknowledge indigo and violet as individuals, and therefore my indigo page is on the back cover of the book. If you prefer to use only 6 colors and bulk both colors under the term ‘purple’ you could leave the back page free with space to hand embroider a little message to your tiny book lover.


Finished book


Supply List

Wool felt in various colors
Ribbons and notions in rainbow colors
Sewing machine
Thread - I used ‘invisible’ thread